Character Acting

Need a character voice (or several voices!) for animation, video games or audiobooks? Rich is a dialect and character voice specialist with an emphasis on comedic dialogue.

If performing dialects is cultural appropriation, he’s basically a war criminal.

Sound Design & Mixing

From live performances with wireless microphones to pre-recorded audio content with music and sound effects, Rich can provide you with a professionally-produced end result.


Commuting to work. Cleaning the garage. Taking a 6-mile walk. Audiobooks are a great way for people to enjoy the written word while toiling away at their daily lives.

You don’t want your audience getting bored or whining about your narrator’s nasally voice.

Phone Trees

Professional. Authoritative. And yes, occasionally whimsical. A phone tree represents your company to the world when you can’t.

You wanna trust that to an intern and a cell phone?

Home of Keeg's Quest: A Skyrim Adventure

Keeg’s Quest: A Skyrim Adventure won the 2012 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form).

In it, Rich has played over 20 different characters, including the fella pictured here.

You’ve found your voice.

Rich Matheson is an award-winning podcaster with an international fan base, as well as a stage talent whose dramatic range has included a New York cop, a Scottish cop, a few English cops (at least three of them in the same show), more than a couple cops with no lines whatsoever, various criminals (including not one, but two Nazis), a couple of Admirals… under “typecasting” in the dictionary, you should see the bright-eyed picture to the right staring back at you.

Authoritative. Commanding. Maybe sometimes a little scary.
That’s the Rich Matheson Experience™.

And on at least one occasion, I specifically said “I will accept any role other than the cop“. I ended up winning (and accepting) the cop role. Again. The right tool for the right job. I am that tool.

Hi there! I’m Rich Matheson, and I would be tickled to be the voice of your next project. Get down on the ground and put your hands where I can see them. See? Even just reading it, it’s like you’re really there.

Rich’s Demo Reels

(here’s where the fun begins)

A Sound Investment

(See what I did there?)

I don’t live in LA. I don’t have talent scouts blowing up my phone all day. Your kids haven’t heard my voice in a cartoon, I’m not the guy on that one commercial you love, and I haven’t done an episode of my award-winning, internationally recognized podcast since the Obama administration.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m good, I’m honest and I’m relatively cheap. Also, I’m looking to change at least four of the items listed above.

Gotta have goals.

Voice Over

With 10 years of experience and a professional-grade recording environment, Rich Matheson is a one-stop shop for all of your voiceover needs.

Audio Production

From phone trees to feature-length audio theatre, Rich will help you find the sound you’re looking for.

Live Sound Design

Wireless microphone placement and tuning, discrete sound effects and fully layered soundscapes. If the show must go on, you’ll really get it goin’ on!